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Health and Nutrition

I tried Hungryroot for 2 weeks and here’s what happened

Over two weeks, I tested Hungry Root, intrigued by its promise of convenience and tailored meals. Initially drawn by a reduced price, I encountered issues with dietary alignment, like unsuitable ingredients for my anti-inflammatory needs. The food quality was acceptable, catering to a high-end market. However, the cost and necessity of additional grocery trips made me reconsider its value.

Assorted healthy foods neatly arranged in transparent meal prep containers, featuring salmon, mixed greens, broccoli, chickpeas, quinoa, and sliced fruits, on a dark kitchen counter for a well-organized meal planning concept

Ba to you too!

Have you ever been part of a team where ideas flow freely, everyone gets along, and new solutions pop up like popcorn? Or maybe you've been in a group where it's the opposite—people are quiet, ideas are rare, and it's just not fun. The difference between these two...

Random thoughts

Be bothered

In a world where more people seem to be taking a near enough is good enough attitude, can we make a collective effort to "be bothered?" While some may perceive it as pickiness - and yes, I am pedantic, and have been referred to as Picky Vikki - I was brought up on...

Random thoughts

When you don’t know what to do

When you don't know what to do, be still.Unknown I know this was a quote I heard somewhere, and no amount of research is turning up a reference, so maybe I'm just wishing it was a published quote, or maybe someone said it and it just sounded profound. What should...

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Health issues

Frozen shoulder – what a pain!

It started as a cold feeling in my arm. It felt like I was sitting in a draft, but there was no open window or door, no cold air coming into the room. Shortly after, I noticed my arm felt really heavy. I was worried that I'd had a heart attack, but when I Googled...

partial shot of back view of head and shoulders of woman, her right hand holding her left shoulder
Health and Nutrition

Nourish: Week 3 Results

No, you haven't missed a week. It was a scheduling thing. Instead of meeting on a Saturday, I met with Coach Deb on a Wednesday. And, good news! My food sensitivity results were in, so I was excited to really dig in and start creating my menu plans based on real...

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