Here we go again

It's All About Me

laptop mobile phone flowers and a pile of magazinesIt seems like I’ve spent a good portion of my life creating blogs.

Some go on for years, some never make it to the published stage, but they are all out there somewhere!

Every time I start a new blog, my mind says “This is it! This is going to be the best blog I’ve ever created, and I’ll keep adding content forever more.” Then my heart takes over, and usually, my heart says “This is a load of crap. Why are you doing this? There are so many other things you could be doing!”

And I give in to my heart.

Then one day someone asks me to write for them. I’m thrilled because there’s not much more I’d rather be doing than writing. The person asks for writing samples, and my mind says “Send them that piece you wrote on kids being underage and online!”

Heart: That was in the blog we took down in 2013

Head: Then what about the piece you wrote about getting into cryptocurrency?

Heart: Meh. I got rid of that because there was just so much content out there on the same topic.

Head: You have so much great content out there, surely there is something you can send?

Heart: Can you just write something new?

So here I am. Starting over. Looking for pieces to salvage, but basically starting anew. This is my attempt at not losing any of my writing ever again!

You may ask how someone who writes so much has no proof. Part of the explanation is that I have written so much that is proprietary content, and this is not mine to share. I have also ghostwritten books, which falls into the same category.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?