Exploring different ways to adjust image prompts can be inspiring and fun, as I recently discovered in an online session in the AI Salon. In the session, I learned about Jankifiers and how they can creat a unique twist for your image prompts.

What are Jankifiers and how do they transform image prompts?

Jankifiers, from the creative mind of Peter Kaminski, are ingenious HTML/javascript scripts that adapt image prompts randomly, leading to some interesting results. Here’s why using Jankifiers with image prompts might be the creative twist you’ve been looking for:

 Inject amusement: Bored with conventional image prompts? Jankifiers bring a playful touch that can spark creativity and enjoyment.

 Explore endless combinations: Jankifiers provide an element of chance, inspiring fresh ideas.


Jankifier examples: Entertain your mind with creative possibilities

Try these to create new prompts for your next image generation!


Looking for help with Jankifiers?

I can help guide you through the process of creating Jankifiers to give your image prompt experience a twist. Connect, and let’s make some amazing images together!

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