I don’t do this all on my own, you know!

I’ll add to this list as I think of things, but for now, let’s dig into my treasure trove of resources.

There is only one thing in this list that I’ve paid for, and that’s Divi. Everything else is free to use.

I present, in no particular order …

Notion app logo


Notion is life.

Notion is my brain in tangible form.

Notion is the first place I go to find anything. It’s my bookmarks, my memories, my thoughts, my reminders.

I use it as a to-do list, a bullet journal, a kanban board. I build templates for things I do repeatedly. And every day I find new ways to use Notion. (Mostly thanks to /r/Notion on Reddit.)

I use Notion all day, every day. Not kidding.

(This section used to be about Evernote, but Notion is so much more.)

Air Story

I’m a huge fan of organization (though you never would believe it if you came to my home.)

Organizing my thoughts before I commit them to a blog post is an essential part of my writing style. Air Story helps me collect my thoughts as rough notes, then build on those thoughts, then organize them into a logical sequence.

Hemingway Editor

Make your writing bold and clear and head the grammar nazis off at the pass!

The Hemingway app helps you recognize and correct:

  • lengthy, complex sentences
  • common errors
  • “difficult” words
  • adverbs and weakening phrases
  • passive voice

It’s available through the interactive website, or as a desktop app.


If you’re looking for royalty-free images for your website or your blog, the searchable database in Unsplash is a great place to start.

A community of photographers make their work available for no charge, under a creative commons license, to enhance the beauty of your site.


If you, like me, never really got the hang of Excel spreadsheets, fear not! Airtable’s got your back.

You don’t even have to know what “relational database” means to use this awesome tool.

Yes, I resorted to the word awesome because that’s what it is. I have organized so many things using Airtable, from blog content calendars to a whole craft show. There’s pretty much nothing it can’t handle.

Design your table from scratch, or use one of the many templates available.


This is the app version of the t-shirt that says “I’m silently correcting your grammar”!

It works in the background as you type blog posts, Facebook posts, Notion notes … you get it … every time your fingers hit the keyboard it’s there protecting you from most grammar atrocities. It’s kind of like having the Microsoft Word spellchecker EVERYWHERE you type.

For me, it’s a Chrome extension, but it’s available for most web browsers as well as a download for MS Word.

I’ve cut WAY down on my comma usage since installing Grammarly!


Like Unsplash, but for videos!

Beautiful videos for your website, with all the files you need to escape the bloat that slows down your site.

The one thing that would make it perfect is a search feature.


No Photoshop? No worries!

Truly, for what I need, Photoshop is not only out of my price range, but also has more bells and whistles than I could ever use!

Pixlr gives me all the editing power I need to manipulate images for my site, or for any other little thing I need images for.

Easy to get the hang of, you don’t have to worry about curves and white balance unless you want to!

There are a couple of different “modes” – Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express, and a mobile app too. To be honest, I just use Editor and it suits me just fine!

What WP Theme is That

Sometimes you land on a website and think “I’d really love it if my site looked like this!” or “I wonder what plugin they are using to get that effect” – well, here’s your new best friend. Maybe.

This site will help you if the site you’re looking at is built on the WordPress platform, and if the theme is not heavily customized.

I’ve used it to discover which WordPress plugins people are using, and even which version of the theme. 

Handy dandy!

Divi theme logo


Divi, from Elegant Themes, is the perfect drag and drop interface for WordPress sites.

If you’re not into coding, don’t like to code, don’t know a coder you can bug, you will find you don’t need one. But if you like to code your own custom changes, you can do that too!


Let’s be honest. Your memory can never hold on to all the things you need to do.

I find that I can go into a store with a list of 3 things that I need firmly etched into my brain. After reciting “eggs, cheese, coffee” a million times, I always walk out with 30 things I didn’t need and I’ve forgotten the coffee. I know you understand!

Until I started using Notion to run my life, I used Todoist, and I’m keeping it here as a resource because it’s still a solid recommendation.

I had Todoist on my desktop and on my phone so that I no longer had to rely on my aging memory to get things done.

Tip: don’t let your tasks slip into the Overdue category!