Ladies … I need to have a serious conversation with you.
Have you ever glanced down at your cleavage and wondered what the hell that thing was that was poking up between your boobs?
Have you ever experienced a sharp pain in the side of your breast? Then you find that the underwire from your bra has broken free of its confines. It is now threatening to give you a piercing where you have never, ever seen one before.
Underwires … ugh! What a pain! And the only thing worse than seeing them emerge from your not-by-any-means-inexpensive bra is trying to fix them! I have spent countless hours sewing tiny little pieces of fabric on my bra. I’ve used tiny little eye-straining stitches, thinking that will hold the errant underwire in place. HA! No such luck!
I’ve bought the moleskin corn patches from the pharmacy. I’ve tried the fusible fabric patch. Everything I tried seemed to pose no challenge to the underwire that seemed to be laughing in my face – almost literally.
I tried regular thread, upholstery thread, tatting thread, embroidery thread. I’ve tried fabric glue, superglue, Gorilla glue – no luck. Nothing. NUH THING will stop that underwire from breaking free. I got to a point where I would remove them, but heck, I’m a busty woman, I need that extra side support!
Then one day, after visiting a friend, I ditched my bra.
“But I thought you said you were a busty lady?” you say. And, indeed, I am. But I have a friend who is an expert at showing us why we should free the twins.
It was a real test of my faith in my friend when she suggested I ditch the bra and try her cami. I mean, I was the wrong side of 50 and those puppies were already on a southward journey! How could something with no visible cups, let alone underwire, hold these up!
I tried the Ruby Ribbon Original Classic Cami and fell in love. It was early in the Ruby Ribbon journey. Jenn was one of the first Ruby Ribbon stylists. And this may have been the only cami option at the time, I’m not sure, but they now have many varieties to choose from. I ordered my first cami to see if this would work for me.
It did. It not only worked, it was all I needed to convince me that I really could throw out my drawer full of bras and still have the support I needed without the aid of underwires. If only it were that easy to get rid of everything that was a pain in the neck!
Since that initial cami, I now have a collection of 8 (at last count). One for each day of the week plus one extra. I followed Jenn’s Facebook group, checking out trunk shows and specials. Jenn was a friend before becoming a Ruby Ribbon stylist, and I do like to support my friends who have their own businesses. But – to be sincere – Ruby Ribbon seemed to be out of my league when it came to pricing. I also bought a pair of black palazzo pants to replace my worn-to-death Jockey Person 2 Person pair. I had bought these from Jenn before Jockey P2P went out of business. But the shapewear is where it’s at for me.
Ruby Ribbon items don’t ride up or roll up on your body. They have a gripper band that makes sure things stay where they should be.
I don’t know if you can relate, but I very much dislike shopping for undergarments. I don’t fit into the Victoria’s Secret mold, I’m more of a KMart shopper when it comes to underwear. I’d rather go and grab that 6-pack of full cover briefs off the wall at my local department store than mess around looking for the fancy stuff.
lady wearing sports bra comparison picture with ruby ribbon demiette
I was thinking the other day about these camis. They fit like you are like getting a great big hug all day, and that does get hot in summer. But, they’re comfy and I work in air conditioning, so I can deal with it. I don’t usually buy underwear on a whim, I tend to have an annual undie shopping spree when it comes to Ruby Ribbon. I had heard good things about the demiette collection. Then Jenn posted before and after photos of a lady at a yoga retreat. The lady swapped her sports bra for a demiette and I knew that it was time for my annual underwear shopping spree. So I started my demiette collection.
I placed my order this morning, so I don’t have my demiettes yet, but I’ll be sure to update when I do have them.
I also want to say that this feedback was not requested. Nobody is coercing me into sharing my story, I simply want to share this find. If you choose to try Ruby Ribbon, I’m happy! If it’s not for you, that’s fine too – at least you know there are alternatives to pokey underwires. And, as I said before, I love to support my friends who have businesses selling products I use and love. I’m not a salesperson. In fact, every time I try to support my friends by having a show or a party, they are always miserable failures!
If you are interested, or even a little bit intrigued, here are a couple of links.